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Find out more about how we’ve helped our clients shape the moments that matter, using communication and learning to promote positive change.

Co-op’s small action for big change

Small action, big change

When organisational change depends on a tiny action, how do you help people to switch their habits?

“What would Barry do?” for Channel 4

“What would Barry do?”

Making health and safety messages memorable.

“WTF is Dovetail?” for Channel 4

"WTF is Dovetail?"

Want to hear about how the UK’s TV ratings system works? No? Anybody?

“It’s all about you” for Co-op

“It’s all about you”

Using values and trust to explain data handling.

“A Cornerstone to support the kindest care” for HC-One

HC-One sharing the best care

Spreading the habits of outstanding managers.

Royal Mail combatting scam mail

Combatting scam mail

How we helped Royal Mail equip colleagues to protect householders from fraud.

“Is it ok?” for Channel 4

“Is it ok?”

How do you get engagement for ‘codes’ and ‘policies’ where people thrive on taking creative risks?

Putting colleagues at the heart of Covid-safety

Covid safety for Co-op

Adapting fast while staying people-focused.

“Developing the kindest touch” for HC-One

Kindest care for HC-One

HC-One wanted to renew training provision across their entire workforce, keeping ‘kindness’ as the central theme.

“Born different” for Channel 4

“Born different” for Channel 4

Diversity needs to be meaningful, not just box-ticking. To help them consider diversity in everything they do, we created a campaign-based approach for C4.

“One to watch” for Conde Nast

So who’s too cool for data privacy?

“Trust your judgement” for ITV

“Trust your judgement”

How do you make dull compliance messages meaningful to colleagues across a large organisation?

“Are you sitting uncomfortably?” for UKTV

“Are you sitting uncomfortably?”

Turning compliance topics into gripping story lines...

Academy Roadshows for The Priory Group

Roadshows for Priory

An awareness campaign to empower and engage employees.

“Imagine more” for UKTV

“Imagine more”

Helping new starters feel welcome, excited and ready to get stuck in.

“Is everybody here?” for RTÉ

“Is everybody here?”

How do you re-imagine diversity and inclusion so it becomes really meaningful?

Problem solving for a major pharmaceutical multinational

Problem solving in pharma

Creating digital simulations to help colleagues apply their knowledge.

Helping professionals to act on patient insights

Acting on patient insights

A digital campaign to encourage busy professionals to gather vital insight from patients

“Trust your judgement” for Wellcome

“Trust your judgement”

Showing how everyone's decisions shape the organisational culture.

“Altogether different” for Royal Mail

“Altogether different” for Royal Mail

How do you influence culture and behaviour in an organisation the size of Royal Mail?

Successful remote onboarding for The AA

Remote onboarding for The AA

Making online induction a supportive and connected experience for new starters.

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