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Moving problem-solving workshops online

How moving a training workshop from in-person to online has cut costs, improved consistency in quality of delivery, and reduced impact on employee time.

“The result? Confident problem-solving across our teams!”

Our multi-national manufacturing client had a strong in-person training scheme for developing colleagues' problem-solving skills. But with varying quality of training delivery across their sites, huge amounts of time required and high costs, it wasn’t the most efficient use of their resources.

They came to Acteon with a challenge: can you make this training work for everyone, everywhere? 

Global consistency

How do you deliver consistently high-quality training across numerous countries in multiple languages? Our client's '8-step Problem Solving' course had a big impact on encouraging colleagues to innovate and continuously improve ways of working. But as an in-person workshop, it was becoming unwieldly; the course was too expensive and time-consuming to manage across their many international sites. Plus, they were finding it hard to ensure that everyone was getting the same high-level training. 

Our task was to create a formula that could be used more widely across their global team, whilst retaining the engagement and successful ingredients of the in-person workshop. 

Keeping it interactive and engaging 

Working directly with the manufacturer’s operations team, we set about translating the complex, detailed content of the in-person course into efficient online modules that kept the intelligence of the information but made it easier to digest online.

We digitised the content with highly engaging online simulations to spark interactivity and game-play, and emphasised the practicality to help employees understand the power of what they were learning. 

By working through the challenges while keeping the aspects that had already proven successful, the new content kept the feeling of connectedness from the in-person workshops while maximising the time, logistical requirements and organisational resources. 

Equalising the impact 

Part of the issue this large organisation had faced was ensuring consistency across their many sites. We had created a strong online version of the course, but it needed to be accessible by all their employees. By translating the final module into nine languages, the new training equalised the impact for everyone, ensuring every individual had access to consistently high-quality content. 

Through careful edits to structure, content and form, the new training now enables better organisational capability, ensuring international consistency, efficiency and impact. 

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