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Acteon creates communication and learning to help people flourish.
That means helping people to make better choices, work more efficiently, be safer, get up to speed faster, sell better, develop their professional skills – whatever it is that makes them, and their organisations, more successful.

We make your message matter

The world may be going digital, but learners are still human beings.
We speak to the human to make your content meaningful. Because when it’s meaningful, it matters and that’s when people act.

We’ll help you focus on the awareness and actions that really make the difference, and then create communications that bring together what people need to know with what engages and motivates them.

Acteon lab Speak to the human

We help you to think different

We use approaches borrowed from behavioural science and advertising to reinvent learning and communication formats so they create engagement and impact. The right solution could be an
e-learning module or music video, a workshop activity or animated movie, or something else altogether. Whatever it is, our range of capability will help you deliver experiences that create impact.

And we know that one-hit interventions don’t usually provide much impact. So we’ll help you think of communication and learning as campaigns that sustain engagement and support real change.

Invisible interfaces Campaign for change Don't tick the box

We make it work

From years of experience, we know that great ideas only deliver impact when they’ve been made to work in the real world. Our pragmatic and flexible approach will help you navigate the challenges of infrastructure, process, culture and time that exist for every organisation and every project.

The ability to build great partnerships with our clients and reliably deliver solutions that work for them is at the heart of our award-winning success.

Effective partnerships Delivering impact