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Acteon Medcomms

Our specialist team works with global pharmaceutical clients to create outstanding medical education programmes.

It's how we work with you that makes the difference.

We bring scientific expertise and emotional intelligence. Knowledge of what works and ideas for change. A roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and a friendly smile.

We genuinely partner with you, to bring out your brilliance.

Our approach

You need impact. We help you deliver it, by combining innovative thinking with engaging application.

We push the boundaries and constraints of a highly regulated industry, often with a need for country localisation, whilst remaining grounded in scientific expertise and rigorous referencing.

Walking in the shoes of your learners is critical - we start by understanding the perspective of your audience, to ensure our communications will be as practical as they are powerful.

“We appreciate how you were able to dive in, understand the goals and deliver above expectations.”

Meaningful partnership

Choosing to work with us, you'll experience real partnership.

We've rejected the ordinary arms-length account management structure, choosing instead to work side-by-side with our clients as an extension of their team.

You'll get agile and responsive support. Our strong client relationships enable us to give you exceptional materials and campaigns, because we build a deep understanding of your needs.

“There is mutual collaboration and trust. I’ve rarely experienced such a high level of service.”

What we offer

  • Knowledge
  • Reinforcement
  • Application
  • Sales support
“It’s such a rewarding experience to work with Acteon. Your writers are so experienced in translating complex scientific and clinical material into effective learning content.”
“Acteon transformed complex scientific and clinical data into clear sales training materials for our representatives.”
“All the exercises and activities were well prepared and delivered. I also loved the team spirit, the activities and the whole dynamic created by Acteon.”
“Thanks so much for this great initiative and the awesome tools!”

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