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Academy Roadshows for The Priory Group

We partnered with Priory to build their Academy - extensive bespoke resources for organisation-wide training and development. We embarked on a roadshow and awareness campaign to help managers become its champions.

“Having great resources wasn’t enough – we needed people to make great use of them too!”

Acteon has worked with Priory Group over many years to create the Priory Academy, an award-winning enterprise learning solution that combines technology and content to support the development of over 20,000 Priory colleagues.

To help colleagues make the most of what the Academy can do for them, Priory wanted to empower managers to champion professional development and show how the Academy can support it.

We designed an awareness campaign, built around workshops for key influencers – especially Unit Managers and local Learning Administrators. Other campaign materials included a promo movie, flyers, posters, infographics and e-learning. The campaign was carefully constructed to speak to Priory people, from analysis and identification of focus areas; crafting of key messages and delivery; to long-term reinforcement for new employees.

Priory Academy roadshows images collage

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