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“Is everybody here?” for RTÉ

Irish broadcaster RTÉ wanted to re-imagine diversity and inclusion, both on air and within the workforce.

“We are determined to embed diversity and inclusion into everything we do on and off air so that our organisation – what we do and who we are – truly reflects the diversity of Ireland today.” - Dee Forbes, Director General, RTÉ

We developed an organisation-wide communication campaign designed to change behaviour in ways that would help RTÉ represent and reflect its audience.

We recorded interviews with colleagues from across the organisation, then used the results to create two video-led online training modules – one for everyone, a second for people leaders.

RTE poster diversity and inclusion for people leaders

RTE elearning make diversity and inclusion actionable

RTE elearning screen for diversity training


“This training is a key part of our strategy for the future, and of improving RTÉ as an organisation.”

- Dee Forbes, Director General, RTÉ

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