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Acteon shortlisted for three LT Awards 2020, with Boots and Co-op

We’re excited to have been shortlisted in all three categories we entered in this year’s Learning Technology Awards, for projects with our clients Boots and Co-op. Here's a bit of background about our eye-catching work with Co-op...


Make it matter: How to promote behaviour change

How do you encourage positive changes to behaviour with new habits that stick? In a recent webinar for Learning & Skills group, Acteon's Owen Rose shared some expert insights.


Our favourite books, and what they tell us about communication

With more of us reading books during the lockdown, Acteon’s Sarah Wightman ponders what our favourite books reveal about good communication and learning, and asks the team for their reading recommendations (getting some intriguing replies)…


Behind the scenes of our award-winning content - #1 'Welcome to Co-op'

A peek into the work that went into creating our award-winning projects, recognised at the Learning Technologies Awards. First up is 'Welcome to our Co-op'.


Triple award wins for Acteon at the 2019 Learning Technologies Awards

At last night's Learning Technologies awards ceremony, Acteon took home 3 Bronze awards for our work with Channel 4 and Co-op


Behind the scenes of our award-shortlisted content #2 - 'What would Barry do?'

Celebrating our latest Learning Technologies Awards, we take a look at the work that went into creating the winning Acteon projects. This time, we're looking at 'What would Barry do?'


Don't tick the box

Do you ever feel that you're just ticking the box? The business has asked for training. Maybe it's a for a mandatory requirement? You'll do you best, but you know that learners, and the business, aren't that interested. It just has to be delivered and recorded. Job done. Box ticked.


Strength in difference: transforming a workforce with diversity training

Diversity is currently a hot topic for broadcasters with widely voiced concerns that the people on TV, and the people who make TV, are not truly representative of the UK.


Imagining more at UKTV

How do you get your new starters up to speed quickly, in a way that reflects your personality and demonstrates the energy of your organisation? That was the challenge that award-winning broadcaster UKTV set for Acteon.


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