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How to find the small actions that deliver big impact (with no rocket science needed!)

Webinar – five steps to find your smart moves for 2024  

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In our recent webinar, Acteon’s Owen Rose and Rebecca Trigg delved into a five-step approach for finding the ‘smart moves’ to achieve impact and successfully drive change in your organisation.  

They shared real world experiences and solutions, divulging how to apply each step to your organisation and get the sustained impact that leaders are after. They shed light on the importance of understanding the human behaviours and actions that are fundamental for meaningful change.  

Owen explained this behavioural focus:  

“The everyday actions that people take are fundamental for making change happen successfully. ‘Smart moves’ is about finding and influencing the actions that have disproportionate effect.” 

For creating your intervention, Rebecca talked through the EAST framework for behaviour change (Easy, Attractive, Social and Timely). She showed the audience how to apply EAST to make the seemingly dull messages (*cough* anything around data compliance *cough*) stick with the learner and ignite the desired change.  

EAST framework

As if there weren’t enough useful nuggets of practical information throughout the webinar, the Acteon team encouraged the audience to submit their own questions, which included: 

  • How would you discover what’s really going on in a multi-site environment where different things may go on at different sites?  
  • What can you do if you can’t identify a specific moment?  

Kicking yourself for missing all that? Don’t worry you can check out the recording below:  

Webinar description 

If you're trying to make meaningful change happen in your organisation, how can you find the smart ways to stretch your budget, time and resources to make the most difference? 
In the webinar, Acteon's Owen Rose and Rebecca Trigg show you how to use a behavioural approach to drive change successfully, including: 

  • Take a five-step approach to show you how to target your budget and resources where they’ll have biggest impact. 
  • Help you pinpoint the actions and behaviours that support the change you need. 
  • Reveal how to help people use those actions and behaviours at the right moments. 
  • Build a strategy and interventions based on this human-centric approach. 

Find the 'Smart moves' for 2024 webinar recording here 

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