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Introducing our new podcast – Speak to the Human

Speak to the human podcastJoin our host Sarah as we embark on our podcast journey. We’ll be exploring how organisations and leaders can build connections in their professional work, harnessing behavioural insights to deliver positive change.

We’ll feature a varied line-up of interviewees, including many who’ve been speakers at our annual Speak to the Human event. And we’ll cover a wide range of topics from psychological safety to risk, belonging, creativity, storytelling, leading change, behavioural science and much more.

Not sure what to expect? Have a listen to our first two episodes to find out more…

In our first episode Sarah and James Woodman offer insight into making change happen, exploring how behavioural science can be used to translate boardroom strategies into the actions people take every day.

You can listen now here or on your preferred platform.

Episode 2 is all about “how to get people to do what you want without pissing them off!” with Christian Hunt. Christian draws on a wealth of insight and experience, including stories of human risk ‘in the wild’. He brings to life why humans are the largest risk facing organisations, and what to do about it!

You can listen now here or on your preferred platform.

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