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Speak to the human Podcast

James Woodman on curiosity and human behaviours

05/04/24 | 45 mins

How do you use behavioural science to translate boardroom strategies into the actions that people take every day?

In our first episode, Sarah talks with Acteon Director and Partner James Woodman, to explore what we mean by ‘speak to the human’: building connections with people, and thinking about the humans at the other end of organisational communications and change initiatives.

They discuss how behavioural science can reveal insights that help shape more effective approaches and engage people more meaningfully.

James shares how his sense of curiosity has shaped his career and keeps him fascinated in why people do what they do.

In this episode we cover:

  • James’s background as a broadcast journalist and producer with ITN, creating stories (including an explosive adventure).
  • Why meaningful change is about building emotional connections with people, often through stories.
  • Thinking about organisations as collections of people, and thinking about those individual humans and their actions as the sum of what happens in an organisation.
  • How to bridge the gap between organisational strategy in the boardroom and the actions that people take every day.
  • Using behavioural approaches to influence ‘moments that matter’, including the behavioural drivers of capability, motivation and opportunity.
  • Making sure communication campaigns fit into an organisation’s culture, to build engagement and connect with a sense of ‘belonging’ for people.
  • Why it doesn’t work to write a policy, post it on an intranet, and expect things to change!

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