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Christian Hunt on bringing behavioural science to risk management

Guest: Christian Hunt

14/05/24 | 55 mins

Why are humans the largest risk facing organisations, and why do the efforts to impose rules and controls on human behaviour often fail?

Christian Hunt has wide experience in a range of executive roles, including MD and Head of Behavioural Science at UBS, and now runs Human Risk, a Behavioural Science-led Consultancy.

In this episode, Christian brings to life the concept of human risk, and talks about “how to get people to do what you want without pissing them off” with a plethora of examples from different contexts – including chemical weapons inspectors, rogue traders, and pickpockets in a German train station.

In this episode we cover:

  • Why and how consideration of actual people is so often missing in corporate strategies which attempt to mitigate risk and enforce compliance.
  • The counterproductive effect of making people do training that isn’t relevant to them.
  • Excellent examples ‘from the wild’ about attempts to influence behaviour – with greater or lesser success.
  • The trust contract that exists in different relationships – between regulator/regulatee, employer/employee, company/customer.
  • Experiences of public speaking and how event speakers are likely to thrive and be more connected with the audience when they are trusted instead of controlled by organisers.

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