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Acteon creates outstanding medical education programmes. We take the trouble to understand your story and find the right way to engage and empower your audience. Our experience and accuracy will help you deliver innovative solutions in a highly regulated environment.

Excellence in scientific education

Our experienced medical writers integrate the scientific and the strategic to create outstanding learning content

Acteon transformed complex scientific and clinical data into clear sales training for our representatives and they did it quickly so we had great resources in place when we needed them.

Innovation matched with rigour

We're pragmatic innovators – we understand the unique challenges of a highly regulated, global environment and collaborate to create engaging, practical solutions

Acteon's clarity, accuracy and technical capability was essential to the success of this innovative project.

Effective partnership

We engage with you and your stakeholders, shaping your insight into authentic learning that resonates with the audience.

Acteon adapts to company culture – there is mutual collaboration, trust and a shared perception. They act like part of the internal team.

Aligning the commercial and scientific

We are solution-focused, with the scientific, instructional design, creative and technical capabilities to deliver impactful learning materials for your organisation.

The new materials have increased confidence and motivation, and improved our client's journey.

Building knowledge

Medical backgrounders

Our concise, highly-visual medical backgrounders present disease area and/or product information using infographics, allowing you to convey more information in a memorable way – and faster.

Each visually-rich page delivers a key message which when read in sequence delivers the core story. Instructional and graphic design combine with clear, accurate writing, to ensure an engaging and effective experience for learners.

Digital self-study

We combine rich interactive e-learning with animation and video to create compelling digital support for self-study. Acteon has multi-award-winning experience across a wide range of digital formats – we’re delivering engaging and effective content via eBook, iBook, iPDF, e-learning, animation, video, iPDF, and more.


We leverage our digital capability to create comprehensive and highly intuitive online resources that let learners explore content according to their own needs and preferences.

We work with you get the information architecture right. That makes the content accessible and easy to use. And of course, our clarity and accuracy saves time and ensures the highest levels of quality.


Quick Reference Cards (QRCs)

These clear, concise summaries, supplement core learning with a quick reference to key information. QRCs use a consistent layout for rapid comparison (for example of product characteristics), and content is broken up into easily digestible segments.

QRCs are great for things like competitor labels where a highly visual summary makes repetitive information clear and easily accessible.

Slide decks

The classic tool for presenting scientific information during launch workshops. We create slide sets that work as tools for learning, rather than just repositories of information. Our instructional design capability promotes peer and individual learning, while our accuracy and attention to detail ensures content moves smoothly through regulatory approval.

Animation and video

The use of short animations that present key backgrounder information in an alternative, impactful way helps us to make learning ‘sticky’, aids recall, drives reinforcement and takes learning viral. By integrating 2D and 3D imagery with animation, we can provide engaging visual support to explain key or complex topics.

Scrolling stories

People love stories, so if you've got one to tell then we'll make sure we convey it in the most powerful way. Often this is through the use of scrollers – a great way for learners to see the story unfold. Whether it's a timeline, new process or an exciting announcement, scrolling stories are a fantastic way to bring your content to life.

From understanding to application

Workshop/Facilitator Guides

Our experience in workshop delivery leaves us perfectly placed to create engaging workshop content which combines theory and activities.

We ensure a high quality experience for both learners and facilitators, providing full instructions and timings, templates as hidden slides and a Facilitator Guide in the notes view to streamline deliverables.

Games and Activities

For an interactive and impactful learning experience, we can create games and activities which are bespoke to your specific learning needs. Whether for group or individual use, use of these can help deepen understanding and confidence in key areas (such as treatment guidelines, terminology or anatomy).

Our team is particularly skilled in the creation of Escape Rooms, where our use of 3D graphics and animation provide a high-end look & feel, and a sense of reality and movement. For our clients working internationally, we design with ease of translation as a priority.

Product label resources

These activity-based learning aids take learners through the detail of the Summary of Product Characteristics, helping to familiarise them with the content and layout. Breaking down information into manageable segments of learning, they support recall and understanding of relevant labelling information.

Sales support


Using our compendia will help your salesforce introduce customers to product details with ease. These learning support pieces can take the form of detail aid engagement guides, strategy and competitive matrix tools and issue response guides, providing all the key information your customers need in an accessible, visually appealing format.

Verbalisation Tools

Our interactive tools will set your salesforce up to have the most effective conversations with their customers. They can be used to teach structuring of customer interactions, tools to use in guiding conversations and support on the best way to verbalise product features.

Animated Clinical Study Read Outs

Using animation to reinforce the key messages from your clinical reprints is an impactful alternative to the standard clinical study read out approach. We know that people remember a message more when it is visually impactful, so presenting the key points in this way gives them real cut through and memorability.

Coaching tools

We know that personal support is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring your salesforce achieve at the highest level, so we will work with you to develop coaching tools to guide that support. Our coaching guides are designed to support observational review during sales calls, and are created by combining our own coaching and assessment expertise with knowledge of what is key to our client’s sales success.