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Acteon's Medical Education team are passionate about pushing boundaries. We combine creative innovation with pragmatism to meet the needs of modern learners and trainers working in a highly regulated environment often with the need for ease of localisation. We walk in the shoes of our learners and our trainers to deliver authentic learning that makes a real impact.

We pride ourselves on our excellence in scientific education

Our experienced medical writers integrate the scientific and the strategic to create inspiring learning content squarely focused on learning outcomes.

"Acteon transformed complex scientific and clinical data into clear sales training for our representatives and they did it quickly so we had great resources in place when we needed them."

We're pragmatic innovators pushing boundaries

We understand the unique challenges of a highly regulated, global environment and we drive hard to ensure our solutions are creative and accessible - we don't build solutions to sit on shelves.

"Acteon's clarity, accuracy and technical capability was essential to the success of this innovative project."

We love collaborative working and value strong relationships

We engage stakeholders, and seek input and insight to provide authentic learning that resonates with the audience.

"Acteon adapts to company culture – there is mutual collaboration, trust and a shared perception. They act like part of the internal team."

We deliver impactful learning materials that pack a punch

We are a streamlined and efficient team who are solution-focused, with the scientific, instructional design, creative and technical capabilities to deliver.

"The new materials have increased confidence and motivation, and improved our client's journey."

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Digital self-study
  • Medical backgrounders and slide decks
  • Interactive classroom training
  • Accelerated learning tools; quizzes, games
  • Sales support materials; objection handlers, FAQs
  • Video, mini-movies, scrollers
  • Scientific engagement / meetings
  • Soft skills support and facilitation
  • Knowledge portals / learning management systems

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