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Owen Rose


Owen Rose is a Managing Partner at Acteon and leads our work in consultancy and content development.

Owen’s career began in junk. As a geneticist at University College London, he researched the structure and function of ‘junk’ DNA – the 98% of the human genome that doesn’t code for any proteins. During this time Owen realised he enjoyed teaching and communicating the science more than actually doing it, and so he left academia to work as a communication professional.

Since joining Acteon in 1998, Owen has been instrumental in developing our approach to creating integrated, blended learning and communication solutions. Working with a wide range of international clients in many sectors, he has honed a set of skills and tools that help ensure our solutions deliver engagement and impact. Owen has guided multiple award-winning projects, including our groundbreaking work with HC-One and Priory.

Between home life, work and school governors’ meetings, Owen can occasionally be heard defiling great classic music on his French Horn.

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