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Campaign for change

Advertising agencies are the experts at awareness-raising and behaviour change, and they know that to create impact you have to move beyond ‘one hit’ interventions and deliver a campaign. The same is true for communication and learning. So we’ve learnt from the ad industry and pioneered campaign-led approaches to learning and development.

We help clients find a strong and memorable theme to unite the messages of the campaign. We design a blend of learning and communication to meet the requirements of awareness raising and behaviour change. We help plan a schedule of delivery to sustain awareness and good practice.

And the great thing about campaign-led learning is that you can take advantage of your organisation’s existing communications channels. That means you can support behaviour change and extend your learning blend in the most cost-effective way.

"Is it OK"

for Channel 4


for HC-One

"It's all about you"

for Co-op

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