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We are looking for talented, creative professionals to join our team. At Acteon, we are passionate about delivering truly outstanding communications and learning for our clients, as well as nurturing a happy work environment where our people flourish.

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Our MedComms team is passionate about pushing boundaries. We combine creative innovation with pragmatism to meet the needs of modern learners and trainers working in a highly regulated, global environment.

Medical WriterRef: 1508

We need a tenured medical writer who can:

  • challenge the norm and think creatively about learning content
  • achieve rigour in compliance, while creating inspiring solutions that defy the traditional
  • research efficiently and write medical content of the highest quality at a commercial pace.

Please read the full job description here.

Account ManagerRef: 1510

We are looking for an experienced Account Manager who will:

  • deliver projects that achieve client objectives, on time and on budget
  • work efficiently, successfully managing multiple projects at once
  • show the responsiveness and agility that delivers a great client experience
  • confidently and clearly communicate and lead productive collaborations.

Please read the full job description here.

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