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Speak to the human - programme description

Creating learning and communication experiences that connect

8th June 2022
Møller Institute, Cambridge

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We are delighted to bring you a packed programme full of thought-provoking ideas and outstanding speakers...

Morning keynote

Anthony Tasgal
award-winning author and expert speaker

Why numbers numb us, but stories stir us

Humans are designed to respond to stories. We are intrigued by them, they pique our curiosity, they are stamped indelibly into our memories. Stories also have a deep resonance with how we think as humans - helping us make sense of the world, and giving us ways to untangle problems, understand dangers and opportunities, and communicate with others.

So how might we use storytelling in our work? In this opening keynote, Tas will show you how to move beyond data, facts and information and harness the emotional power of storytelling to win over any audience by using storytelling to create a dramatic impact on the way you, your team and company communicate and share information.

Interactive activity

Scenario-based storytelling

Led by Tas, our keynote speaker, we’ll get participants interacting and trying your hand at using a storytelling approach for tackling real everyday issues.

Peer insight

Fraser Simpson

Being bold and brave: a human-centric approach in practice

How do we move beyond just telling people what to do? Drawing on his experiences of growing a new Ethics, Governance and Compliance team at Wellcome, Fraser will talk about driving engagement in areas typically seen as ‘important but boring’. He’ll share how being bold and using campaign approaches can influence mindsets and behaviours, so that positive changes in individual actions can increase an organisation’s impact.

Afternoon keynote

Becky Rowe
Revealing Reality

Behavioural insights for person-centred design

Understanding what underlies people’s choices and behaviours is crucial to revealing how organisations can achieve change. Becky will share stories of how research has been used to gain behavioural insights across a variety of sectors, and how that can be used as the basis for change programmes with real human-centred design at its heart.

Peer insight

Tracey Darley
Mike Taylor

Brain friendly learning and change in a hybrid world

Tracey and Mike will share insights into how Co-op are adapting learning and change initiatives, with the needs of colleagues always kept front and centre. They will discuss ‘brain-friendly change’ – why we need to incorporate neuroscience and human behaviour considerations into change strategies and learning offerings – and they will discuss how these concepts are being developed at Co-op. They will also talk about the challenges and opportunities of facilitation in a digital-first world, including design principles that focus on staying human in virtual environments.

Peer insight

Lori Greene

It's not about you!

Lori will be joining us live from New York, in conversation with James Woodman, to share her experience of building programmes to support the next generation of talent flourish, and to influence wider industry practices. Netflix are masters of storytelling on the screen, and are ground-breaking in connecting audiences with new content they will love. But how do they develop communication that is relevant and engaging for wide, global and diverse internal audiences?

Interactive activity

'Making the headlines'

Picking up our storytelling approaches from the morning’s activity, we’ll be showing groups how to generate attention-grabbing headlines for their campaigns.

Musical improv

Heather, Joe and Ali
Open Your Mouth and Sing

Scattered in bursts through the day, we’ll be drawing on the improv wit, fun and energy of Heather, Joe and Andy from ‘Open Your Mouth and Sing’. They will pick up spontaneous ideas from participants to show how music influences mood and expectations, taps into emotions, and creates impact.


Live illustration

Hannah Williams
Scribble Inc

Live scribe Hannah Williams will be with us all day, capturing a visual impression of the ideas with her characterful and vibrant illustration.


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