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Sally Walker

Art Director

Sally is an Art Director in our Studio team, having joined Acteon in 2008. She has a BA(Hons) in Visual Communications and specialises in motion graphics, illustration and design. Sally is a visual storyteller and loves working across a range of mediums to give client stories a voice.

Sally works with her Studio colleagues to bring the best visual solutions to many different projects and client needs. She likes to push the boundaries and conceptions of traditional communication materials to create something exciting and engaging. Some of the highlights of her career are musical mini movies and seamless animated e-learning modules.

Sally is a mum of two feisty children, and any time left over after that she spends with her other loves – illustration and books. Sally has an MA in Children’s Book Illustration and has published many children’s books. She also loves print making and pottery, any excuse to be creative and get her hands dirty!

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