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Jara Brasa

Art Director

Jara is an Art Director at Acteon, joining in June 2013. She is one of the driving forces behind our visual concepts, consistently delivering innovative and compelling designs.

Jara holds a Master's degree in Visual Communication, with specialisations in Cinematography and Film Video Production, as well as Digital Graphic Design, Multimedia Creation, and Interactive Communication.

At Acteon, Jara continues to inspire and lead, pushing the boundaries of our client work while infusing her distinctive artistic flair into every project. Her dedication innovative design makes her an invaluable asset to our Studio team and our varied client base. 

Beyond the office, Jara's passions are just as diverse. Whether crafting beautiful pottery, creating watercolours, indulging in classic films, exploring new destinations, or attending live concerts. She's also a trained soprano singer who loves participating in G&S productions.

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