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Catherine Molloy

Dr Catherine Molloy develops bespoke off- and online learning content for a diverse range of Acteon's clients.

Catherine is extremely versatile and able to quickly absorb and communicate technical information in a wide range of business sectors: government development agencies, retail, private healthcare, manufacturing and professional services. She has helped public sector organisations meet government targets for e-learning delivery, and has written technical documentation for industry, to support their operator training and engineering functions.

Catherine has a PhD in physics and joined Acteon after working as a researcher into medical and telecommunications lasers. Her responsibilities for laboratory training and supervision made her aware of the benefits of effective training and clear communication, to ensure safety and maximize efficiency.

Catherine understands how important it is to clearly explain and present complex information using different approaches for the specialist and the non-specialist audience. She appreciates how best to apply new technologies to assist and enhance understanding of the learning message for any subject, at any level.

In her spare time Catherine enjoys being outside and being active and has completed two marathons.