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Effective partnerships

At Acteon we work a bit differently to most agencies. We don’t separate roles like Account Manager, Copywriter or Instructional Designer. Each of our Consultants combines account management, project management, instructional design and writing skill with creative problem-solving capabilities. Backed by the creativity of our Studio and the technical capability of our Digital team, they’ll work closely with you for the duration of a project.

Why do we work like this? Because we believe it builds more effective partnerships with clients and delivers better outcomes. It means the Acteon people you work with have an end-to-end, hands-on involvement in the project. It means the people who are shaping the details of a solution also fully understand the strategic objectives it’s designed to meet and the context in which it will work.

Our clients tell us they greatly value this consultant-led approach. It’s at the heart of the long and successful professional relationships we’ve built over the last 38 years.

Acteon work like part of the internal team. I’ve rarely experienced service like it.

Uffe Kåre Rasmussen
Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Lundbeck

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