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Information Transfer has changed its name


Information Transfer has changed its name to Acteon Communication and Learning. We’re making this change to convey the positive impact we are delivering for our clients.

For 30 years, we have been creating outstanding bespoke communication and learning solutions. We focus on empowering people by giving them the information they need, in a form they can understand and use.

Managing partners Matthew Borg and Owen Rose are excited about the change. “Acteon captures a sense of the transformation and positive action that we are helping our clients achieve through effective communication and learning,” says Matthew. “And the success of these outcomes is demonstrated by the quality of our client relationships and the industry award wins we are achieving.”

“Our name may have changed, but who we are and what we do is still very much the same”

Owen Rose, Managing Partner

“Our name may have changed, but who we are and what we do is still very much the same,” reflects Owen. “We haven’t been bought out, sold or merged! As Acteon, our highly experienced team will continue to provide the care, insight and agility that underpins all our client relationships.”

We’re making this change at an exciting time for the company. In 2012 we have expanded our team and our client list, and grown the scope and range of services we provide. This year we have also been shortlisted for the PM Society Digital Media Awards and the E-learning Awards.

Acteon works across the spectrum of blended communication and learning delivery, from printed manuals to collaborative learning tools delivered via mobile devices. We offer strategic consultancy on communication issues and help clients drive the adoption of learning technologies, aligning implementation with corporate vision and values. We have particular experience handling complex content, translating product, process and service-specific information into effective communication and learning tools.