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Acteon recognised for innovation, shortlisted for two prestigious industry awards


Acteon shortlisted for two industry awards this year for their innovative work with pharmaceutical company, Daiichi Sankyo UK.

The Cambridge-based communication and learning consultancy was shortlisted for the Pharmaceutical Marketing Society Digital Media Awards and the E-Learning Awards, continuing a legacy of accolades that includes a record four gold E-learning Awards in the category of “Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption”.

Acteon has worked with Daiichi Sankyo UK to place e-learning at the heart of an exciting programme of corporate change by creating the Academy Knowledge Centre (aKC). aKC is making an impact with its iPad-delivered e-learning content and integrated social learning capabilities, allowing them to rapidly respond to emerging needs, and giving learners more flexibility and accessibility. These prestigious awards nominations reflect the outstanding usage figures, positive feedback and measurable business benefits that have already been demonstrated.

“In order to compete successfully as an organisation we’ve asked our commercial teams to acquire a vast amount of new skills and knowledge in a short space of time”

Terry Petersen, Commercial Director at Daiichi Sankyo

aKC is a powerful learning management platform that gives staff access to a huge and diverse range of learning content, via their own personalised profile. E-learning courses have been developed to support specific skills and competencies, and use an interactive blend of text, graphics, audio and video to deliver key learning messages. These courses are embedded in a rich tapestry of regularly updated supporting resources. Staff can access documents, web links, podcasts, and videos to support their learning, and managers can easily and rapidly update and add content in response to changing learning needs.

“In order to compete successfully as an organisation we’ve asked our commercial teams to acquire a vast amount of new skills and knowledge in a short space of time,” said Terry Petersen, Commercial Director at Daiichi Sankyo. “Our academy Knowledge Centre has been fundamental to achieving this, by empowering every individual within the company to manage their own learning in an innovative and dynamic format.” A key innovation has been to harness social media functionality to promote communication and collaboration. Courses have embedded discussion threads and learning logs, allowing learners to share, discuss and feed back on the learning experience.

“We were very pleased to have been shortlisted for these competitive awards. We think we’ve given delegates at Daiichi the features they want on their mobile devices,” said Matthew Borg, a managing partner at Acteon. “We’ve tried to build something that complements the traditional structured online training module and that gives learners and course designers some powerful tools for learning and development.”

Innovative technology is also driving flexibility and responsiveness. Academy Knowledge Centre is fully accessible from mobile phones and tablet devices. Staff are using these devices in the field to access learning as part of everyday workflow. There is even a companion app for iPad and iPhone that allows learners to use all academy Knowledge Centre content and functionality as a native application on those devices. “I’ve found the aKC to be really clear and simple to use,” said a Hospital Account Executive at Daiichi Sankyo. “I’ve completed all the tests on my iPhone! It’s brilliant that I can access it whilst out and about in the hospitals.”

“Academy Knowledge Centre is an essential element of our new ways of working at Daiichi Sankyo,” said Managing Director, Simon Clough. “It is driving behaviour change that is fundamental to our success within the new NHS – crucially that of empowerment. Empowering our staff to take responsibility for their own learning to ensure they have the right skills to add value to the NHS, our customers, and their patients.”