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Cambian shares tips at Learning Technologies on joint award win with Acteon for widespread adoption of e-learning


Acteon client, Cambian Group, shared tips on the joint award win for “Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption” at the Learning Technologies Conference last week at London Olympia.

Cambian Group, a leading provider of specialist services in mental health and learning disabilities, presented at the conference on the topic: “Planning for great adoption rates”. Change will always face resistance. And when that change is expecting people to adopt e-learning in a rapidly growing company of nearly 4,000 people spread over 60 sites, you might expect adoption rates to plummet.

That was not the experience of Gareth Williams, Head of L & D at Cambian, which had a near 100% adoption rate across a wide range of learners following implementation in spring 2011. The secret: careful planning and communications, linking to organisational goals, and – above all – setting the learning in context for the learner. Gareth explained the importance of:

  • dealing with ‘I can’t learn online’
  • tackling IT infrastructure challenges
  • forming a ‘learning agreement’ with your learners
  • getting board-level buy-in
  • establishing site champions