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Acteon celebrates 30 years at the heart of technology-enabled learning


Acteon celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Since the company was founded at the end of 1981 we have been active participants in the application of technology for workplace learning, from the dynamic early years of “computer-based training” to the cutting edge solutions that drive the industry today.

Abbott Europe had begun equipping their field force with “portable” computers as far back as the early 1980s. We were able to convince them of the potential value of these new devices for distance learning. We believe this was one of the earliest applications of commercial CBT in the UK. It was also the start of a thread of innovation in learning technology that Acteon has maintained to this day.

Acteon’s learning solutions were, and still are, people led. We are guided by the two key principles that underpin all our innovation: a focus on business and learner needs, combined with sympathetic use of technology driven by the immediacy of real client requirements.

This blend has been central to helping our clients achieve the widespread adoption of e-learning. We have created a range of tools and techniques with the specific aim of embedding e-learning within an organisation, which have helped our clients achieve outstanding business outcomes. We have won the E-learning Award three times for “Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption” and have been shortlisted again this year.

Since Acteon was founded, the technology to support learning has been transformed. How many of those Abbott reps working at their HP-85s could have conceived the iPad? But people have not changed radically; throughout the last 30 years we have made people the focus of the solutions we create. We do this by understanding needs and expectations, by aligning with business goals and by developing appropriate technology to meet those needs. This combination of engagement with stakeholders, backed by technological innovation underpins our success.