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“Transformation through learning” – Care Management Group shares practical tips at the Learning Technologies Conference


In early 2008 this group of over 100 care homes was a struggling business, ranked amongst the lowest in class for quality in the learning disabilities sector, and with almost no corporate IT infrastructure. Eighteen months later, under new ownership and management, they are now ranked best-in-class for e-learning and specialist training.

How did they do it? CMG executives put the change down to putting learning at the heart of a programme of cultural transformation. David discussed:

  • How leadership, learning, vision and values hang together
  • Identifying core learning needs and tackling them - fast
  • What happens when Head Office does the e-learning too?
  • Using face-to-face learning for the right reasons
  • Turning learning cynics into enthusiasts and ambassadors

CMG and Acteon were joint winners of the E-learning Awards 2009 for "Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption" for this work, which has literally turned the company around.