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"One to watch" for Condé Nast

Remember GDPR?

Data privacy is firmly in the “important, but dull” category for most colleagues. Particularly if those colleagues work for a dynamic media organisation like Condé Nast International (CNI) – publisher of titles like Vogue and GQ.

Our challenge was to make the ‘dull’ messages of GDPR meaningful to Condé Nast people, and in five European languages.

So we worked with CNI to focus on the simple actions of data privacy that really matter – actions that are relevant to all colleagues and make the biggest difference across the organisation. Then we created a visual identity and messaging to connect those actions with the values of the Condé Nast brand.

A short and punchy movie introduced the key messages...

Followed by a focused e-learning module to reinforce the essential awareness and actions...

All presented in designs and formats that are easy to translate and localise.