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Learning to take risks for Channel 4

How do you build engagement with the necessary constraints of ‘codes’ and ‘policies’ in an organisation that thrives on taking creative risks?

We helped Channel 4 harness the power of digital learning to capture its core values and use them to promote the exemplary professional practice that underpins cutting edge broadcasting.

Learning to take risks won a record three Learning Technologies Awards: golds for ‘Best production of e-learning content’ and ‘Best use of e-learning to ensure compliance’, and silver for ‘Best e-learning project’.

Creative organisations like Channel 4 have always found it very hard to get this kind of training right. People can easily see the material as patronising – or irrelevant. This course is different, because it’s been designed with risk-taking right at its heart, and that’s resulted in a great response from staff. Learning to take risks helps us to be bold, brave and courageous – whilst maintaining our accountability and our reputation.

David Abraham
Chief Executive
Channel 4