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"A Cornerstone to support the kindest care"
for HC-One

Need to establish best practice and share it across the organisation?

That was the challenge set us by the UK’s largest care home operator, HC-One. They needed to identify the essential behaviours of best practice in care home management, and create tools and support to embed those behaviours across their 400-plus homes.

We worked with high-performing care home managers, using diaries, workshops and focus groups to help them define what they do and why it works. Then we translated that understanding into Cornerstone – a toolkit of practical performance support tools for all home managers. And we created a communication campaign to help colleagues engage with Cornerstone and make it a success.

Since launch, Cornerstone has continually developed and evolved and remains at the heart of HC-One operations.

I really enjoy using Cornerstone. It’s a fantastic tool that helps me progress in my role as Home Manager.

HC-One Home Manager

Cornerstone is a great reference and structure for running the home. It’s empowered me, and both my deputy and unit managers as well.

HC-One Home Manager

Acteon’s work has quite simply been critical to our success.

Chai Patel