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Learning & Skills Webinar 12-1, 8 March

8 March 2018
12.00pm - 1.00pm

Old paradigms in learning and development are struggling to keep up with millennial organisations and their audiences. So how can you think different and deliver impact?

We’ll provide simple, practical ideas and tips that you can put into practice, whichever technologies you’re using. And the good news is maybe you don’t even need the box… or the tick.

Join us to find out:

  • Why traditional approaches to L&D are not working
  • How nudges prompt behaviour change
  • How to use campaigns to move beyond the 'one-hit'
  • Practical approaches to getting creative with learning design
  • How these approaches are helping organisations like Channel 4, Co-op and Priory Group meet their business objectives

Register for the Learning and Skills webinar here.

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