Outstanding communication and blended learning for medical education.

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Acteon has over 30 years' experience creating goal-oriented blended solutions to support product knowledge, advocacy and credibility, as well as regulatory training and corporate communications.

"Acteon's clarity, accuracy and technical capability was essential to the success of this innovative project."

Associate Marketing Director

Bespoke blended solutions

Acteon brings proven capability and experience working with a wide range of communication and learning channels. Select each component of the blend to find out more.


Acteon has won multiple international awards for e-learning solutions that combine rich interactive content allied with proven technical capability. Our range of approaches and technology allows us to meet specific needs, and our ‘responsive’ formats empower mobile learning.

"8 times Gold Winners at the UK E-learning Awards."

Infographic factsheets

Infographics are a powerful tool for visually inspiring and memorable delivery of key messages. We use impact graphics and effective page layout to tell a topline story without the need for large volumes of text. Despite their graphic richness, factsheets can be created in easily editable formats for effective localisation of global messages.

Factsheets can be delivered in iBook format to enhance accessibility and interactivity.

"Love this! A great foundation for what everyone needs to understand."

Senior Training Manager

Manuals and learning guides

Manuals and learning guides provide the comprehensive underpinning knowledge for your product. We use a range of instructional design and layout features to signpost the story and ‘reduce cognitive load’ for the learner, and we deliver medical writing of the highest quality. Content can be produced in editable formats for efficient localisation.

Manuals and learning guides can be delivered in iBook format to enhance accessibility and interactivity.

"Acteon have brought the subject to life and put the story behind the training."

National Training Manager

Accelerated learning tools

Games and activities, for group or individual use, help deepen understanding and confidence in key areas (for example, treatment guidelines, SPC content or clinical trials). These tools help facilitate self-discovery, reinforce distance learning and enliven group sessions. Using a variety of online and offline formats, we have created games, quizzes, scenario-based exercises, e-workbooks and workmats to enrich the learning blend.

"It’s a very rewarding experience to work with Acteon. Their writers are very experienced in translating complex scientific and clinical material into easy to understand and effective learning content."

Anesthesiology KOL

Coaching and performance support

Coaching tools are designed to embed learning and support performance. Used in the workplace as required, either independently or under supervision, they help address the specific needs of each learner. Coaching cards improve sales call performance, including question handling, learning logs capture insights from the field and knowledge portals put learning at the point of need.

"The new materials have increased confidence and motivation. They have definitely improved the client’s journey."

Development Director

Knowledge portals

Our knowledge portals harness a range of online learning formats, including video and social media where appropriate, to create a rich resource for communication, learning and performance support. Whether for internal or external audiences, we can help you create a dynamic and accessible online presence to support positioning, understanding and confidence in your product.

"Our reps and managers say they have never had such great materials. I’m proud to have Acteon as part of my training ammunition."

National Field Trainer

Strategic engagement

Strategic engagement, such as medical advisory boards and healthcare professional meetings, works effectively when crafted as part of the wider strategy and process that supports your brand. Our expertise in planning, design, facilitation and recording delivers events that are purposeful and productive. We work with you to provide agendas and activities that are mutually beneficial for both you and your KOLs, and which set specific events within a framework that supports continuing engagement and contribution.

"Acteon has consistently exceeded our expectations in both the quality of their work and the flexibility of their approach."

Product Operations Manager

"Acteon adapts to company culture – there is mutual collaboration, trust and a shared perception. They act like part of the internal team. I’ve rarely experienced such a high level of service."

Head of Corporate Social Responsbility