Knowledge Centre

The hosted blended learning management system from Acteon.

Deliver e-learning modules, manage classroom bookings, surveys, videos, performance support resources and informal learning, all in one powerful learning portal.

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Trusted to deliver

Businesses large and small rely on the Knowledge Centre to empower and transform their organisations.

"The system does exactly what we wanted – it is superb"

Knight Frank

Deliver a blended campaign

Knowledge Centre allows you to blend e-learning, face-to-face, surveys, videos, performance support resources and informal learning, all in one powerful learning portal.

Learning to take risks at Channel 4

Deliver a blended campaign

Making compliance easy at Hamptons

Hamptons Knowledge Centre

Assured compliance

Stringent regulatory requirements? Blend online training, assessments and support resources with off-line competency checks. The Knowledge Centre’s powerful reports keep you in full control of your compliance.

Improved product knowledge

Build product areas within the Knowledge Centre and ensure teams are up-to-speed on the latest product information.

Users can access training and resources anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Your site remembers where they left off last time, keeps records and saves time.

Cotswold Outdoor

Cotswold Outdoor


Daiichi Knowledge Centre

Faster response to change

Get your targeted, time-sensitive training out to your distributed workforce wherever they are. Assign content directly to specific teams or share it across the whole organisation.

Easy to use

The Knowledge Centre makes it easy for you and your colleagues to manage and share a blend of learning content.

Your content is easily managed through a web browser and you can deliver learning resources to groups by location, role or any other way you want to classify your staff and subject areas.

"Amazing! You really can’t go wrong. You just log on, click and off you go! That is the proof of the pudding – that is how e-learning should be."


Fully mobile and accessible anywhere

Knowledge Centre is ‘tablet and phone friendly’ – it’s compatible with mobile browsers like those in iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

Users can do their training anywhere they have an Internet connection and the Knowledge Centre remembers where they left off last time, saving them time.

"I have found the KC to be really clear and simple to use. I've completed all the tests on my iPhone! Brilliant that I can access it whilst out and about."


Blend classroom, e-learning, informal and resources

The Knowledge Centre pulls together all forms of learning. Publish your face-to-face events in the training calendar, provide performance support resources, and assign off-line competency checks with manager sign-off. Users and administrators can also log additional professional development events.

"I can see straight away how many people have taken the training, and identify individuals who may need more help in the face-to-face session. I use the e-mail facility and the automatic reminders to encourage people to complete the training on time."

Tube Lines

Powerful reporting

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! The Knowledge Centre automatically keeps a complete training history for each user and compiles powerful training reports.

Managers see up-to-the-minute progress and training validity reports. Clear details on completions, quiz scores and full results for compliance record-keeping are all within a few clicks. Reports can even be scheduled for delivery to team or department managers who want to monitor progress.

"Acteon has enabled us to achieve far more than we originally envisaged."

Queen's Medical Centre

"What we valued was the relationship built up by Acteon - they listened to us, it felt they were not ‘selling’ a system but meeting our needs."

East Coast

Easy switching from your existing LMS

Changing your LMS? Concerned about losing training records?

Our technical consultants have smoothly transferred hundreds of thousands of records to the Knowledge Centre. Our step-by-step support will make it happen and ensure your people see their training history when they log in for the first time.

You have our full support

When you select the Acteon Knowledge Centre, you tap into a team of training professionals and consultants who have been working in computer-based training and e-learning for more than 30 years.

We provide training for your administrators, and award-winning advice on launching e-learning and engaging your colleagues.

Video content to get you started

Your Knowledge Centre can come pre-loaded with helpful management development videos and resources.

Acteon has partnered with management development experts Scott Bradbury to offer our customers access to Scott Bradbury's library of online video learning at a reduced cost.

Publish all your content

Knowledge Centre can host SCORM 1.2 and TinCan e-learning modules from a range of authoring tools, including Seminar Author, Articulate Storyline, Elucidat, Adobe Captivate and many more. You can also add supporting resources like PowerPoint™ presentations, documents, videos and podcasts, discussions, Twitter feeds, or links to your Intranet. Talk to us about your e-learning authoring requirements and we’ll be happy to help you find the right solution.

Be up and running in two weeks

If time is precious and you need to launch quickly, the Knowledge Centre can be branded, configured and available for your people in under two weeks.

We’ll work with you to pre-register your employees, apply your branding, and train your administrators. We can also set up automatic log-in from your Intranet and integrate with your HR system to keep your staff list up-to-date.

Book a demonstration

Our e-learning team is waiting to answer your questions and discuss how to empower and transform your L&D offering. We’ll be glad to demonstrate the software and help you determine what fits your requirements and budget.

Everything can be demonstrated online, so all you have to do is connect. If you're interested in a demo, please phone us on +44 1223 310251 or via e-mail at .