Driving industry best practice at HC-One

HC-One is driving best practice in learning and development for the care sector.

The company was created to turn around 240 of the former Southern Cross care homes. This dynamic new business was faced with huge challenges of staff development and engagement in their goal to be the company that runs the kindest care homes in the UK. They chose Acteon as their learning and development partner, and we have helped them put an award-winning blended learning programme at the heart of business change.

Touch’ is the name for learning and development at HC-One. This vibrant mix of e-learning, classroom training, coaching, performance support and external learning is changing the working experience of all 15,000 staff.

Touch blends a wide range of learning formats. Bespoke e-learning courses use multimedia and interactivity to bring learning to life. Guided activities allow colleagues to practise and apply their skills in the workplace. ‘HC-One TV’ uses video to capture insights and share good practice and ‘Touchstone pictures’ are short animated films that reinforce key learning messages. Touch also provides a range of coaching tools and exercises that help managers to embed the skills that deliver kindest care in their homes.

Acteon created a custom LMS to meet specific management needs. Each of these learning opportunities are managed and tracked through the touchstone learning management system. This powerful and intuitive tool provides each colleague with their own personal, live, learning record.

This bespoke blend of technology and content, created through extensive engagement with colleagues, is empowering staff to take control of their learning and development.

“We can only achieve our goals by providing the best people with the best skills, the best values and the best approach to their work. 'touch' is how we do that. It’s how we’re linking the company's aspirations with the values and aspirations of colleagues to ensure we’re meeting the expectations of Residents and their families.”

Dr Chai Patel. Chairman, HC-One

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