Enhancing staff performance at The Priory Group

Working closely with Priory, we have created a unique and extensive blended learning programme for its 5000 employees, called Foundations for Growth. It includes more than 40 e-learning modules, a bespoke learning management system, offline activities, videos and a range of other communication and training resources.

Acteon has added value to the business of Priory Group through the strategic deployment of learning initiatives, designed to build and test competence. With our help, Europe's largest provider of private mental healthcare and specialist educational services developed and launched the multi-award-winning “Foundations for Growth” programme which supports core capabilities across Priory's 60 plus units. This blended learning solution supports induction, hospitality, health and safety and customer service, as well as a range of specialist learning needs. For Priory, “Foundations for Growth” enhances service quality, reduces business risk, empowers corporate growth and delivers outstanding return on investment.

“FFG has been invaluable in ensuring stability in the business by promoting staff development, which has improved our services to clients, pupils and residents. Through FFG we are meeting the training needs of the business and setting higher standards of care for the whole Healthcare and Education sector.”

Jacolyn Ferguson, Head of Human Resources, Priory Group

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