Boosting service while reducing costs at M&Co

Fashion retailers M&Co needed a fast, practical and cost-effective way of delivering training to 4,000 widely-distributed staff, so they chose Acteon to implement the practical and intuitive Acteon Knowledge Centre Learning Management System (LMS). M&Co also asked Acteon to develop engaging and intuitive bespoke e-learning content to drive performance on key areas that were linked to company goals.

Each course is realistic and interactive, using photography, illustrations and scenarios from within the organisation. The modules are short so staff are not away from their duties for long. Content is aligned with business needs and the Knowledge Centre enables a fast response to any changes in the M&Co operational environment. Managers can track individual or regional progress and powerful built-in reporting reduces the administrative workload at head office.

The uptake has been excellent and there has been enthusiastic buy-in from staff, who feel positive about the investment in their professional development. The e-learning has also enhanced sales teams’ skills, making them more efficient and knowledgeable, contributing to an improved level of service and increased profitability for the store.

“Our E-Learning facility has substantially reduced the costs in providing training to all staff. It has enabled high volume training delivery at lower cost and greater speed, facilitated a quicker response to business change and improved the quality and diversity of training and development options available.”

Jim Fingland, Learning & Development Manager

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