Making complex content engaging at Magnox

Magnox is the contractor currently responsible for decommissioning five nuclear sites on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. In order to improve their expertise in project management and decrease the long-term cost of training, Magnox asked Acteon to develop bespoke e-learning on their Project Management Process.

As you can imagine, decommissioning nuclear facilities is a complex subject that requires specialist skills in managing technical content. It was critical that Magnox employees got this process right! We worked closely with Magnox subject matter experts to ensure the resulting materials were effective and engaging.

Following the success of the initial course, we worked with Magnox to develop a suite of modules on Defuelling, Decommissioning and Technology. These modules give technical experts, engineers and business staff a better understanding of the issues and processes central to nuclear decommissioning processes and how these relate to Magnox sites. E-learning has shown to be the perfect tool for building competence in complex process management.

“Acteon brings initiative. We can trust them to understand us as a business and our key needs. They are able to understand our objectives and turn them into comprehensive and engaging e-learning.”

Tracy Withers, Graduate Recruitment & Development

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