Designing learning to ensure a successful pharmaceutical product launch

Acteon was asked to support a global pharmaceutical client with their new product launch. To embed learning of characteristically complex content, we used a blended approach.

The mix included a pre-learning self-study blend, interactive classroom sessions and knowledge validation. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and this product launch was regarded as one of the most successful of its type.

“It’s a very rewarding experience to work with Acteon. They are very experienced in translating complex scientific and clinical material into easy to understand and effective learning content.”

Global pharmaceutical company

Pre-learning sets the scene for learners, so everyone begins the classroom training with the same level of knowledge. The project made use of ‘workmats’, a learning aid designed to help digest the often complex content of product characteristics documents and clinical data publications. These offline learning activities were blended with e-learning modules that covered key aspects of the therapy area and product characteristics and usage. Online content was presented in an interactive and engaging way to lighten the cognitive load and to maximise retention of key messages.

The next step for learners was face-to-face classroom training– we developed a suite of classroom materials that kept learners engaged and reinforced more complex aspects of learning. Core information was written in a clear, direct style to maximise understanding, with illustrations and interactive graphics augmenting learning and retention. Supporting workshop activities complemented the slides and facilitated classroom interaction and helped build learner confidence; examples include competitive challenge quizzes, facilitated case studies and iPad delivered games.

Finally, we developed a set of quizzes and assessments to validate understanding. Quizzes could be accessed at any point during the training, giving the client flexibility in their approach. A final validation assessment was delivered under exam conditions, but via the Knowledge Centre so completion data could be recorded.

As is common in the pharmaceutical industry, all content was referenced to current standards and development was supported through the regulatory review process.

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