Learning as a driver of change

Acteon have worked with the UK affiliate of a multinational pharmaceutical company to place learning at the heart of an exciting programme of corporate change. The objectives for this online learning and development platform were to increase the accessibility of learning opportunities, allow rapid response to emergent learning needs and to facilitate collaboration and co-operation between learners.

Colleagues access a huge and diverse range of learning content via their own personal profile. E-learning courses are embedded in a rich tapestry of regularly updated supporting resources. Staff can access documents, web links, podcasts, and videos to support their learning, and managers can easily and rapidly update and add content in response to changing learning needs.

A key innovation has been to harness social media functionality to promote communication and collaboration, and the whole platform is fully accessible from mobile phones and tablet devices.

"Academy Knowledge Centre is an essential element of our new ways of working. It’s driving behaviour change fundamental to our success within the new NHS, and empowering our staff to take responsibility for their own learning so they have the right skills to add value to the NHS, our customers, and their patients."

Managing Director

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