Discovery at the heart of change at Daiichi Sankyo

Significant changes in the NHS have radically altered the business landscape for pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo UK. This has prompted the company to embrace change and strive to add greater value to NHS customers to help improve patient outcomes. Daiichi Sankyo UK have partnered with Acteon to deliver an innovative blend of learning technologies and content to empower staff in delivering that change agenda.

Fundamentally the challenge was to enhance business agility – building greater collaboration between staff at all levels and increasing the capacity for innovation and responsiveness. It also meant equipping staff with the skills required to align with the new structures of the NHS. To meet the challenge, the company created a corporate change programme called Discovery and placed e-learning at the heart of that journey.

“We wanted to build a culture where learning is embedded in and informed by the working experience,“ says Daiichi Sankyo’s Head of Learning and Innovation, “and we saw the opportunity that e-learning and social media gives to build learning into everyday workflow.” The company had no prior experience of e-learning, and all training provision needs to be within the strict regulatory constraints of the pharmaceutical industry. Despite these barriers, the L&D team embraced the opportunity and, working closely with Acteon, created Academy Knowledge Centre - an integrated blend of technology, online content and change management, specifically developed to align with core business and learning objectives.

“In order to compete successfully, we have challenged our commercial teams to acquire a vast amount of new skills and knowledge in a short space of time. Academy Knowledge Centre has been fundamental to achieving this, by empowering every individual to manage their own learning in an innovative and dynamic format.”

Daiichi Sankyo’s Commercial Director

At the heart of Academy Knowledge Centre (known as aKC) is Acteon’s innovative and dynamic Knowledge Centre which delivers a rich, blended learning experience. It embeds SCORM conformant e-learning content with supporting resources in wide range of formats, social media functionality and external learning resources.

E-learning courses have been created to support a range of learning goals including core scientific knowledge, compliance and corporate change. Courses incorporate a rich blend of text, graphics, audio, video and animation to bring learning messages to life and are created in HTML and Java to allow for delivery on tablet devices.

A key objective for Daiichi Sankyo was to promote collaboration and co-operation in learning, and the aKC embeds social media to facilitate this. All staff have personal online profiles, and each course has integrated discussion threads. This ‘Learning Log’ has been so successful, it has become Daiichi Sankyo’s primary tool for capturing and coaching field-based insights.

The Knowledge Centre was created to empower business change, and in itself was a very significant new initiative for the business. Throughout its development and implementation aKC has been underpinned by a programme of communication and support to ensure it becomes embedded within the organisation. At the heart of this engagement is the aKC Focus Group. This team comprises eight colleagues from the key functional teams within the business. Focus Group members represent their teams in advising the development process and feeding back on the learning experience. They are also advocates and ambassadors for e-learning, and have played a crucial role as agents of change.

Innovation wasn’t limited to the content and technology of the aKC. An internal communication programme used email, SMS text, social media and YouTube, and was sustained through awareness-raising, launch and then post-launch. A range of learner support resources, including video tutorials, webinars, and a blog was also created.

Change management and learner engagement strategies have driven enthusiastic adoption by staff — e-learning has become an embedded part of the organisation. Almost all staff are active users of aKC, and evaluation responses have shown outstanding approval ratings from learners. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and provides qualitative evidence that e-learning is meeting key learning objectives of increasing the accessibility, quality and collaboration in learning.

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