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Sarah Childs

Sarah’s primary career incarnation was as a medical doctor in the NHS. Working at ‘ground level’ ignited an enduring fascination in the art of unifying science, communication and education. She took the language of medicine with her into the medical communications industry in 2008.

Having been immersed in the complex and varied world of medicine, Sarah navigated verbal and written communications with patients, their families, medical and affiliated specialists, which was profoundly valuable. Integrating relevant information and assessing levels of understanding and engagement led to an accessible and successful approach to patient care.

Sarah’s writing experience includes projects across multiple media and audiences, mostly for international pharmaceutical clients. She has produced materials for training and pharmaceutical symposia, has prepared articles for submission to journals, and has written consumer-targeted pieces for patient support charities.

Sarah has a particular interest in psychology, which she also studied to degree level. As such, she revels in reading novels on the more ‘tortured’ end of the spectrum, mainly as light relief from being ignored by her two young children.